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THIRTEENERS: "Why Only 13% of Companies Successfully Execute Their Strategy and How Yours Can Be One of Them!

Named one of the 5 Best Business Books in the world for 2015/16 at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair

What Dan offers as a radical and new alternative for the business world is a trilogy of relational behaviors - cooperation, collaboration and co-creation - that express a new "relational value system.

Harville Hendricks, PhD. 
New York Times Best Selling Author of Getting The Love You Want

What People Are Saying About Thirteeners:

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    Natalie Speers

    Founder of Social Ally”

    "The one quote that I keep re-visiting in my mind is "Have a conversation for building the impossible." I whole-heartily believe in working as a team. The conversations you have can either help or hurt the business. I believe in creating a unique culture at Social Ally. I want my staff to WANT to come to work. They contribute to the overall vision of the company. Motivation and connecting is key.

    I have never read a book that exactly aligns with my ideals on how to run a business. I am a young entrepreneur; I started this business not knowing fully what I was getting in to. Reading Thirteeners has reinvented my confidence; I am positive I am on the right track."

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    John Weinecke

    Business Coach, New York

    "It is critical for CEO's to become aware of the virus that exist that they can not see. It also important for them to understand that they are determining the conversation of the company that creates the fertile ground for it to grow. Usually when results are not what is wanted or expected, the reaction is to speak loader or make stronger demands that only make the virus stronger. Without being aware of this, they will never be able to cure it ... THIRTEEENERS will allow them to begin to look for it ... however to do that they will need to ask questions and listen."

  • Frank Wolfe

    Executive Director HFTP

    "I have been a CEO for 26 years and learned a lot from Prossers book. If you are a leader of a company or want to be a leader of a company. I aspire to be a Thirteener instead of being nervous about the number."

4 Radical Reasons To Read Thirteeners

4 Radical & Critical Elements You’ll Learn That Will Change Your Life And Your Business:

  1. The positive, connecting conversations that form what I call the ConnectionPoints of Best Place to Work companies and that allow those companies to better execute their strategy.
  2. The Entitlement Virus that causes managers to believe that they must spend all their time addressing employee grievances rather than doing what they should be doing — creating an environment where employees are happy because they contribute to the company’s success.
  3. The Empowerment Virus, which consists of positive conversations that can replace the Execution Virus and the Entitlement Virus and put your company on the road to hyper-success.
  4. The Breakthrough Solutions Framework that includes the Three-Legged Stool of Transformation that will help you turn your company into an unstoppable organization.

Dan Prosser: AKA The 'Radical Disrupter' of the Status Quo in Business

I have dedicated over 40 years, to building my own service and technology businesses and helping other CEOs and Entrepreneurs build theirs. My passion is helping other committed business leaders gain new insight and a new perspective of their businesses, training CEOs to build connection-driven organizations that overcome the limitations found in over 87 percent of companies today.

"I am committed to transforming the culture and the systems in business through an economic model that works for the employee, employer and the customer.  ConnectionPoints™ makes building a connection-driven business quicker and simpler for everyone by removing the hidden impediments to the execution of strategy and producing breakthrough results."

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